A Fundamental Enabler

Cloud computing models are providing a fundamental enabler for digital transformation in enterprises.
It is now driving business change and introducing new ways of delivering cost savings, agility, scalability and flexibility through a range of secure public and private cloud services.

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Cloud computing has been a hugely disruptive technology in the business world, displacing many resources that would conventionally have been located in-house or provided as a traditionally hosted service. It is now driving business change and introducing new ways of delivering cost savings, agility, scalability and flexibility through a range of secure public and private cloud services.

  • A cloud-based service can scale up and down to meet your company’s demands for bandwidth instantly, as and when you need it
  • Cloud computing offers collaboration technology so that all of your employees can share and work on documents and applications simultaneously – wherever they are located
  • A cloud-based service enables your employees to work flexibly from any location where they can access the internet, leading to increased productivity and work-life balance
  • A cloud-based service stores all of your data remotely – reducing the amount of data ‘hidden’ and inaccessible on employees’ hard drives and allowing it to be accessed no matter what catastrophes may occur to a device
  • Cloud computing reduces your capital expenditure (CapEx) through ‘pay as you go’ services, minimal start-up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses
  • Cloud computing reduces the need for on-site servers – decreasing your energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Using cloud computing providers to manage your service and take care of the issues allows you to concentrate on running your core business

These are just some of the reasons that so many businesses are moving their IT operations to the cloud. If you haven’t made the move yet, Beamap can help with your transformation to cloud computing.

Why Beamap?

Beamap is a leading consultancy and trusted adviser who can help you succeed in your cloud computing transformation, providing the fundamental enabler for further digital innovation and transformation.

Our unique portfolio of solutions can help you in your journey to cloud computing – wherever your starting point is. From the very beginning to help you understand what cloud computing can offer and give you strategic advice on how it can benefit your business, through building or brokering a secure solution that best fits your needs, to running and managing your cloud operation to ensure it delivers an optimal service to your business.

Beamap identifies the best ways that cloud computing can support and sustain your digital strategy and the benefits that a move to cloud-based services will offer. Working closely with you, we deliver a business-focused, benefits-led model, the architecture required to support it and the roadmap that will define the transition from your current setup to your digital vision.

In March 2014, Beamap became a subsidiary of Steria then, following Steria’s merger with Sopra in January 2015, of the Sopra Steria Group, and the UK operation is located in Holborn, London EC1.  We bring the combined strength and years of expertise of Beamap’s operations across France and the UK and Sopra Steria across Europe.  We partner with the leading industry cloud service providers to offer the best solution for customers, including Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, UKCloud and Carrenza.

What can we offer?

Each element of our framework can represent the starting point for your business as you begin your journey to cloud-based services. It also represents the key consulting offers from Beamap, plus the build, broker, implementation and run services offered jointly by Beamap and Sopra Steria.