Cloud opportunity consultancy

A leader in energy generation and rail infrastructure

Our client wanted to assess whether it made sense to move some workloads to the public cloud.

The client’s drivers were for improved agility, flexibility and cost efficiency.Two workloads were identified as possible candidates: all eligible non-production environments and HPC.Beamap worked with the client to assess the opportunity and the benefits to them that moving to the cloud would bring. We helped them to develop and issue RFIQs for the procurement of infrastructure and managed services for both candidate workloads, undertook bidder evaluation and functional analysis of the resulting submissions that assisted the client in making their supplier selection.As a result, the client benefited from a new full OPEX pricing model, 20% reduction on total cost of ownership (TCO), and a new operating model with user-orientated services from the public cloud.

A multinational professional services company

Our client had launched an initiative to move to cloud computing as part of its global IT transformation programme. They wanted to enhance their users’ experience of IT, reduce IT costs and establish IT as a strategic business asset to facilitate innovation and fast response.Beamap developed the client’s business case for outsourcing after which, they published a global RFP (request for proposal) for potential vendors to help deliver this cloud transformation. Once the bids had been received from potential vendors, we carried out the response analysis and helped the client to choose a new supplier.The transformation programme is helping our client to become an innovative business enabler through the implementation of unified communication services, a virtual desktop infrastructure and the introduction of BYOD (‘bring your own device’) for its users. In addition, they are on target to reduce their IT budget by 20% over five years.

A leader in energy generation and rail infrastructure

wind-power-1628671_640Our client was driving the initiative to move its IT operations to the cloud, but with the
growth of ‘shadow IT’ – where teams were procuring and installing ‘off-the-shelf’ IT products – it was at risk of not understanding what they could and should move into a cloud environment.Beamap worked with their IT group to define a new ‘cloud first policy’
and strategy for the company to recommend a cloud solution to deliver any new IT project, which included:

  • Introducing a ‘front door’ process for the recording and management of all new opportunities
  • Developing a matrix for assessing a project’s eligibility to be delivered from the cloud as the first choice
  • Establishing a global governance structure for implementing and managing cloud solutions

As a result, our client benefited from moving and delivering 30 applications from the cloud in the first year.

Cloud strategy consultancy

A leading European aerospace manufacturer

plane-1254445_640Our client wanted to develop a sustainable cloud security strategy to ensure all cloud-based projects adhered to the
same governance methodology. Beamap defined a cloud security strategy that provided the practices and focus areas the client should consider when planning to run IT operations from the cloud. It delivered a security
governance methodlogy s that the client could evaluate the data security risks associated with cloud projects. As a result, the client’s security team is seen as expert in providing guidance and governance to the business on the security implications of delivering operations from the cloud.

A world-leading electronic systems company

Our client was looking to transform their IT operations with the aim to decrease the high level of obsolescence for a large number of IT applications and hardware, reduce IT costs year-on-year and reduce the segmentation caused through disparate IT systems. Beamap conducted a CMP (cloud management platform) market technology assessment which helped to develop a cloud strategy for the client to make an informed choice for which cloud solution they could implement to support their factory operations and reduce obsolescence.As a result of moving their applications to the cloud, our client was able to eliminate the use of obsolete resources and reduce their costs through better management and collaboration across the separate IT systems.

Cloud innovation platform

A multinational banking and financial services company

Our client was moving their banking business towards a digital and mobile service, whilst operating within a tougher regulatory framework. They were also looking to their IT department for faster time to market for new applications who themselves wanted to transform the way they built its software and hosted applications.Beamap developed cloud strategy and target service delivery model, plus a cloud computing framework that included:

  • Introducing an eligibility matrix that helped the client to decide whether an application was more suitable for a private or public cloud solution
  • Defining a set of standards for integrating technical solutions
  • Establishing a global cloud governance strategy

In addition, we built a private cloud environment and brokered pilot projects with a public cloud services provider.

Finally, Beamap helped the client to set up a cross-business group for their solution architects to define the new cloud architecture designs and provide a support programme for the IT department’s customers in adopting cloud computing.

As a result, the client’s time to deliver a new technical environment reduced by 500%, the total cost of ownership (TCO) reduced and they realised €5M costs savings in the first year.

A premium cable television channel operating across Europe

Our client was operating in an increasingly competitive market as operators increased their capability for streaming TV and films. To address this, they decided to develop and host their applications directly with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and asked Beamap to work with their incumbent IT supplier to deliver this project.Beamap conducted an audit of the current IT functions to scope the requirement to move to the cloud. We worked in partnership with AWS to define the roadmap that would get them to their desired position, including how to adapt in the future to add new offers.As a result, our client transformed much of their legacy operation into a cloud managed service which enabled them to meet their target business model for offering premium streaming services, reduce server running costs and give them the ability to develop future services and conduct big data analytics using cloud-based services.