Your journey to the Cloud

The feedback we get from organisations in both private and public sectors is that increasingly you are seeking alternative ways to manage your enterprise IT, facing demands to reduce your IT budgets and improve your return on investment (ROI).

We know that in today’s always-connected digital enterprise, poor or inconsistent IT service delivery is not tolerated by the business. You want to be able to operate your IT for longer hours and manage short-term demands such as the ability to “cloud burst” services during busy periods, such as Christmas in retail – without adding to your head count.

Where do you start and what questions should you ask in order to move from your current set up to one that will meet the needs of your business? Beamap can clarify what the pressures really are and help you succeed in your journey to the cloud.

What value can the cloud bring to both your business and IT?

  • How can you ensure you meet the business requirements or the various constraints internal to your company?
  • What are the challenges to take up from any perspective?
  • What are the relevant use cases to consider and which one(s) to start with (business case and transformation plan)?
  • How can you shape your IT strategy taking cloud into account?

Beamap offers cloud opportunity consultancy:

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Use case
  • IdentificationBusiness case
  • Benchmarking

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How can you best take advantage of cloud practices and technologies?

  • What governance and key roles should cloud call for from your org?
  • How should you organise yourselves in a secure way to get cloud-compliant?
  • What, or how many, cloud providers may you want to source?
  • How should you select architecture patterns or justify IT technologies in order to adopt cloud standards with confidence?

Beamap offers cloud strategy consultancy:

  • Vision and strategic alignment
  • The case for cloud and associated roadmap
  • Cloud master plan
  • Cloud compliance, audit

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How can you bring cloud added-value to your business?

  • Technology updates are a major headache for me – how can I forget about ‘forget’ the technology?
  • How can I focus on my business needs and challenges? Can a cloud innovation platform take care of the technology side?
  • How do I make big data, mobile apps and private cloud ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions and ready to use by the business?

Beamap offers a ‘cloud innovation platform’, including:

  • Workplace
  • Digital
  • Big data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Social
  • Time to innovate
  • Geographic information system (GIS)

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